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45 ACP Multiple Impact Bullet

ONE SHOT STOPPING POWER: Compatible with 99.9% of existing guns this unique 4 part bullet has 3 ~55gr. outer fragments the instantly start to expand to 14” upon leaving the barrel of the gun and a .024 center slug projectile that travels down the center aim point. This 14” patented wide spread shot profile makes Mi4-Bullet the world’s first, true point and shoot ammunition! The patented design is being called “The World’s Best Tactical / Personal Defense Round”. This incredible one of a kind tethered bullet technology provides any shooter an unequaled opportunity for quicker target acquisition, first hit advantage, increased stopping power and reduced collateral damage risk. This is the bullet you shouldn’t be without when your life in on the line. "BECAUSE YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS"! Made in the USA.
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Technical Specifications,

Precision engineered to fit 45 Caliber ACP, designed with 3x outer fragment and a 4th center projectile. The 3 outer

fragment are anchored by the medium tensile strength 14” spread (break away only after impact) tether system to

ensure deep penetration. Delivered at the ideal velocity to provide maximum stopping power with reduced risk of

collateral damage. Perfect blend of high hit probability with maximum stopping power…