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MI Rifled Choke Tube (Red)

Price: $39.99

IMPROVING YOUR SHOTGUNS PREFROMANCE: Get ~ 2x performance from your Mi-Bullet™ by using a Mi-

Certified™ Rifled Choke.   The rifling will improve the rate of expansion making it ideal for Personal/Home

Protection. Compared to a smooth boor, the spin generated by the rifling (centrifugal force) moves the 3x segments

out from center to an optimal pattern of ~24 inches.  Creating what is being called “The best personal defense

round in history”. In a gun battle, we all know that the First Hit Advantage is Everything!™

Technical Specifications

12 Gauge – Made from high quality corrosion-resistant steel: this rifled choke tube has a 0.010

constriction. This design not only produces an optimized spread with Mi-Bullets™ for home defense /

C.Q.B. it is also, ideal for conventional slugs, rifled slugs, sabots, steel, lead, copper, and buckshot. Use

with most – Winchester, Browning Invector, Mosberg 500, Weatherby and Savage Shotguns

NOTE: Fired from a smooth bore gun Mi Bullets™ will expand in a more random pattern at ~ ½ the compared to

the use with this choke tube.

Package Description

12 Gauge Choke tube – 1 pack – Red Sticker

Package Dimensions (in inches)

4” long x 8” high x 1.5” depth

Weight (in ounces)

2.8 oz