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Preseasoned Cajun BBQ Duckshot 10 Round Box
Price: $39.90 + shipping
Preseasoned Cajun BBQ Duckshot 10 Round Box
Preseasoned Cajun BBQ Duckshot 5 Round Box
Price: $19.95 + shipping
Preseasoned Cajun BBQ Duckshot 5 Round Box


Pre-Seasoned Duckshot ™

“A Blast of Flavor in every Shell” 

This hunting season, hunt with this hunting seasoning


“Not often will you see this high caliber of a gag gift, That delivers what’s promised!

People go ballistic when they first see our new Cajun BB-Q spiced shotgun shells! Advanced Ballistic Concepts and Pre-Seasoned Duckshot LLC. Introduce the revolutionary Pre-Seasoned Duckshot! A novel idea for sure, this round is Deadly & Delicious

Our innovative patent pending process combines over 380gr of spice-coated eco-friendly shot and multiple savory layers of seasonings.  This novelty concept of adding seasoning to the traditional shotgun shell delivers a whole new sensation to hunting and will heighten the experience of any fowl, or small game enthusiast.

We started from scratch! We developed, tested, and came up with a seasoned shot shell, and we think it is one of those outside the box ideas that will fly off your shelves. What first seemed like a comical idea is now the best new gift for your favorite hunter! A great deal of development went into this product, we didn’t just wing it…pun intended.


Seriously, just shoot one… the smells, the smiles and laughing … you’ll get it.


Call us with if you need help, We won’t duck any questions.




Come up with your own fun phrase  

The best use of gunpowder and chili powder ever! This Will Quack You Up!, A load of flavor in every shot!,  Air to Grill!, Field to Frier, The ammo with a built in kick Or as Emeril might say BAM !!!